Another Day, Another Lifetime

    8:30-10:30AM 28 July, 2022

    Introduction by Jessie Scott, Channels Festival collective. With works by Zeth Cameron, Jody Cleaver, Sarah Diamantis, Alexa Malizon, Lily Nguyen, Katie Turnbull, Deb White, Daniela Zorba. Programmed by Channels Festival.

    We present an evening of single channel screenings at Composite, an eclectic mix of experimental, improvisational, diaristic and documentary video and animation. Made over the last 5 years, these works speak to- and from- the idea of isolation: from practising through the COVID ISOs of the last 2 years; to the eternal isolation of the moving image artist with a spare room green screen, performing to their camera, or toiling alone at a laptop; to a more existential sense of isolation - the artist operating from the fringes of the system, the genre, the mainstream.


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    Unit 4, 35 Johnston Street Collingwood 3066
    (03) 9010 6209
    Wed-Friday 12pm-6pm, Sat 12pm-4pm